pot noodle boom pot

Pot Noodle’s latest on-pack promotion, Boom Pot, is set to kick off tomorrow across the brand’s King Size range.

Running from 1 October until 31 January, the push will offer shoppers the chance to bag one of 42,000 Pot Noodle Boom Pot Speakers - a portable device that plugs into any music player or phone via the headphone jack.

Winning pots will feature the message “Boom! You’re a winner” on the inside of the lid, along with a code that can be swapped for a prize via potnoodle.com/boompot.

The promotion - featured on King Size variants Chicken & Mushroom, Beef & Tomato, Original Curry, Bombay Bad Boy and Chinese Chow Mein - follows Pot Noodle’s £1,000 a day giveaway that ran for 60 days earlier this year. It forms part of the brand’s wider You Can Make It campaign launched last year to target ‘young and go-getting’ consumers.