An office. Lunchtime. A woman pours hot water into a Pot Noodle. Contents suitably softened, she sticks a large spoonful into her gob, and slurps. Loudly. And, well, that’s it. We’re expecting more, but the guzzling continues, as appalled colleagues throughout the building seek the source of the by-now-quite-horrible-actually sound.

The idea is to reaffirm Pot Noodle’s ‘no nonsense’ status, cementing its appeal to rebels who don’t ponce about with fancy lunches (taste and nutrition are not key considerations here). When she plonks down the pot with a satiated “nice”, our gal does so in a gruff northern accent.

Some furious responses to the ad on YouTube – “disgusting” is a word used often – suggest it isn’t going down so well with more sensitive souls. But then they are all talking about it, aren’t they?