twin peaks

Source: Poundland

The ad launches Twin Peaks’ latest variant, Cookies & Cream

Poundland has recreated an erotic 1990s advert to launch its latest Twin Peaks chocolate bar.

The saucy spoof, posted on the retailer’s Twitter account, mimics a Häagen-Dazs ad from 1992. It shows two lovers teasing each other with ice cream before the man removes himself from the action to concentrate on the Cookies & Cream-flavoured slab.

Debuting in 850 stores this week, the £1 bar consists of cookie chunks, almond pieces and honey nougat.

It joins an existing lineup of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Honeycomb & Crunch Caramel, Fruit & Nut and White Chocolate Cookie Biscuit Crumb.

An eighth flavour – Popping Candy – is set to be launched in a matter of days, Poundland said.

The original Twin Peaks bar launched in December 2017, initially with a limited run of 500,000 units. 

The launch stirred up major controversy after it became embroiled in a legal wrangle with Toblerone-owner Mondelez over an initial design Mondelez said infringed upon Toblerone’s trademark ‘peaks’.

Twin Peaks was eventually relaunched with a different design and sold four million units in 12 months.

“Twin Peaks has been a massive success; customers love it and have been eating them up in their thousands,” said Poundland head of confectionery Mark Heeley. “We expect Cookies & Cream to be a big hit with our chocolate fans.”