Shopping basket

There’s a lot of discussion of the price of groceries in The Grocer’s annual ranking of Britain’s 100 biggest brands, which will be published later this week. We’re in the midst of a price war, after all; prices are being slashed and SKUs are being jettisoned across the board as the mults fight to maximise profitability and lure shoppers back from the discounters.

Price is crucial, but it’s not quite king, as our analysis (in partnership with Nielsen) will reveal. Targeted, creative and well-invested marketing has never been more valuable. Our report provides proof – if it were needed – that when done properly, advertising is so much more than just hot air; it can help fuel a brand’s rise above the deflation that has grounded so many in the past year.

Examples abound. There’s the brand that’s winning share and maintaining above-average prices in one of grocery’s most commoditised markets, with the help of a sensational (inspirational, even), primetime ad campaign. There’s the soft drink player that’s defying the flattening carbonates market with savvy digital marketing and sponsorship aimed at its core audience with pinpoint precision.

It’s not all about primetime ad campaigns either. One of the highest fliers of the year only burst into the top 100 two years ago, despite having never advertised on TV, and is soaring up the ranking thanks to its use of social media and a steady stream of NPD, which is as regular as the feed of pictures of motorbikes and bikini-clad beauties on its Facebook page.

There are many more examples in this year’s report: brands that are flying high thanks to the swift development of new products, expert negotiation of the tough conditions buffeting grocery and, crucially, innovative and relevant marketing to keep consumers coming back for more. That’s what makes a brand a brand, after all.

Log on to on Friday afternoon to find out who these brands are, when all will be revealed in our annual Britain’s Biggest Brands report.