Primula cheese is an interesting brief for an advertising agency. It doesn’t have the most glamorous reputation, nor the greatest visual appeal.

Its new campaign does a solid job, showing off fancy packaging and the pleasing visual impact of some artistic application. Three serves are demonstrated – atop beans, fries and a burger – with the ad’s stars swapping out the word ‘cheese’ for ‘squeeze’.

The campaign plays up the fun, while also highlighting Primula’s multitude of variants, and its versatility when it comes to what time of day it can be eaten (Sarah likes her beans at sunrise, weirdly). Meanwhile, there’s more than a touch of sauce to the assertion that “Phil and Sue like to squeeze on the sofa”. What they get up to in their own time is their business.

And if you’re still not convinced, the catch-all tagline runs: “Don’t ask why, just try”. That’s us told.