Poetry in adverts: it feels wrong, somehow – a famously penurious, subversive art form feels more compromised than music, for example, when it’s used by ‘the man’ (we’re looking at you, Nationwide).

Nevertheless, Pukka Pies has put together a poetic, comforting ode to pies (plus a montage) that’s perfect for autumn. Its list begins with “Friday night pie lovers in the chippy wearing slippers … deconstructors, upside-downers, onion ringer dippers”.

The poem plays up the convenience and comfort of the product – though the idea anyone is artistically smearing ketchup on their pie plates, haute cuisine-style, is as absurd as the term “onion ringer”.

Whether the ad is cloying or heart-warming is up to viewers, but it’s hard not to like the cheerful Pukka Pies crew who deliver the final line.

And let’s be honest, pies make a better poetic muse than financial services.