Summer is here, bringing with it the usual cluster of cider ads. Both Thatchers and Cornish Orchards have played up their English heritage, the former via a bucolic animated spot, the latter with a Cornish-accented campaign.

Rekorderlig is, for obvious reasons, doing it differently. Its ‘Refreshingly Swedish’ ad looks initially more like a spot for a posh perfume: two models enjoy a stylised picnic, before peering with despair into an icebox that contains, rather disappointingly, only ice. One of our duo solves the problem by howling weirdly at a horse, which soon turns up with a saddlebag full of Rekorderlig. Phew!

‘Be a little Fruktig’, we’re told. Well, sure. Sweden’s Midsummer’s Day celebration is fast becoming better known internationally – thanks in no small part to horror film Midsommar, the aesthetic of which is referenced here – and this ad is likely to do it for a younger, more adventurous cider crowd.