RSPCA Assured logo

One in four shoppers already recognises the new RSPCA Assured logo, less than six months after it was launched by the Freedom Food animal welfare scheme.

Research by the scheme suggested that 26% of 2,000 adult consumers recognised the food label - which began replacing the RSPCA Freedom Food logo in May - with 76% of people aware of the logo either likely or very likely to buy accredited products. 

The new logo was designed to play on greater consumer recognition of the RSPCA brand, and is part of a plan by Freedom Food to increase the amount of certified products by 200% within five years. 

Some 29 new products were launched in the first four months - exceeding expectations - while early indications on sales were positive, said RSPCA Assured marketing manager Liam Kurzeja.

He put the increase in awareness of the new label down to a supporting marketing campaign, which included a new TV ad featuring the voice of Sir John Hurt, and “clear simple messaging”. 

“RSPCA Assured means good farm animal welfare, it’s that simple,” he added. “We used the same straightforward approach in our advertising - no fancy gimmicks or complicated graphics but simple, clear, honest messaging that leaves people in no doubt of what RSPCA Assured is about.” 

Sainsbury’s is the largest retailer of RSPCA Assured products. “Good standards of animal welfare are important to us,” said Sainsbury’s head of agriculture Sue Lockhart. “The new logo stands out, which helps them make a clear and informed choice.”