argos sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s is set to roll out Argos pop-up shops to drive awareness of the brand.

Temporary shops would help increase drive consideration of Argos among Sainsbury’s shoppers, said Sainsbury’s Argos CEO John Rogers.

“We’re trialling this idea of pop-up shop, which has a much smaller footprint,” he revealed.

“It’s this idea of how do you get the brand out there to our customers? A lot of them aren’t Argos shoppers,” he added. “Consideration could be higher so getting our physical presence out there to our store estate will ultimately help drive our presence online as well.”

Rogers described Argos as having “universal appeal”, with 60% of the population shopping there every year. He said four in 10 would make an annual visit to both Sainsbury’s and Argos.

But there were supermarket customers who didn’t use Argos, which presented an “opportunity to reintroduce the brand” to that demographic, he said.

Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe said his ambition was to put an Argos concession or an Argos click & collect point in all of its supermarkets. Sainsbury’s is working to take the total number of Argos concessions to 30 by Christmas, but the chief executives would not reveal their plans beyond that date.