Sainsburys exhibition

Source: Sainsbury’s

Actors will lead guests through the retailer’s history, from its first store in 1869 to the present day

Sainsbury’s is to mark its 150th anniversary with an immersive exhibition about its history.

The free pop-up event, which is taking place on 25 and 26 May in Covent Garden, London, is designed to take guests through the supermarket’s family-run shop on Drury Lane in 1869 to the present day.

Sainsbury’s said guests would be able to touch and taste their way through its history, alongside a cast of actors. It added the immersive theatre experience would show attendees how shopping has transformed over the decades.

The event will be led by actors who will take guests through three rooms. The first consists of Sainsbury’s Drury Lane store exterior in 1869, which only sold milk, eggs and butter, and will feature street sellers who will interact with customers.

The second room will encapsulate the supermarket from 1882 to the 1950s, through which guests can experience a detailed recreation of one of the original Sainsbury’s stores. This room will highlight its product development and change in service style, up to when its first self-service stores were introduced in the 1950s.

The final room is a museum space to inform attendees about Sainsbury’s development from the 1950s until the present day. Customers will also be able to view a selection of items from its archive and learn about its key milestones.

“Reaching our 150th birthday is a momentous milestone and stands as testament to our role in the lives of Brits for a century-and-a-half. From the types of food we consume to the way we work and shop, there has been an incredible amount of change during that time, but Sainsbury’s original values of providing quality food at fair prices has remained a constant,” a Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said. “This pop-up is part immersive theatre and part window into the past. We’re delighted to invite the public to experience key moments from our history as we look forward to another 150 years.”