Latin guitar, swimwear and shades by the pool, fit bods and knowing smiles… it’s a pretty sexy start to this ad, which is presumably for a slinky spirits brand of some kind, right?

Wrong! This is an advert for Heck sausages, as revealed when the illusion is amusingly broken by our leading man. The music stops, a wide shot reveals the ‘pool’ to be of the paddling variety, and our hero chomps heartily on a hot dog served fresh from the barbie, giving the line “that’s a heck of a sausage” all he’s got.

Elsewhere, a sunbathing beauty enjoys delicate nibbles of a sliced Chicken Italia, and another gobbles a massive bite off her partner’s fork. The message is all about making the summer ‘Happy as Heck’, and this tongue-in-cheek slice of fun does just that.