Shaken Udder is making its TV debut with an ad called ‘Do what makes you happy’ – set in a courtroom.

It’s not a message you expect the legal system to deliver, but in this case the judge kicks off the fun-having, swigging his favourite milkshake and finding himself suddenly compelled to beat out a rhythm with his gavel and a click-top pen. Unconcerned about contempt of court consequences, the stenographer soon joins in, as do jurors, barristers, and a random caretaker.

By the end, even our dodgy-looking defendant is starting to shimmy – perhaps aware he might benefit from a good-vibes miscarriage of justice.

If it’s not terribly deep, it is simple, straightforward good fun – and it’s easy to imagine similar follow-up ads in other scenarios. How about a hospital, or maybe a church?