What a clever idea. Wine brand Silk & Spice has left a bottle of its 2021 Red Blend on a tiny, sunny, sandy island, together with a corkscrew and a glass, beneath a billboard that reads ‘Meant to be Discovered’.

The mind races. First of all, where is it? Could online geolocators track it down? Is the wine’s Portuguese origin a clue? Then… what if some shipwrecked soul washed up on the beach? How would they react when, instead of finding life-giving water they discovered a spicy, fruity red?

The desert island setting subtly suggests the wine is a ‘hidden treasure’ and gives the brand an adventurous feel. Viewers are directed to its website, which re-enforces this and features a second, potentially clue-filled ‘making of’ film.

And the simple online film that reveals everything is just that – a slow zoom out, with no narration necessary. Brilliant.