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Source: Clarity & Co

#StealOurStaff will appear on packs in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s

BeCo, the premium soap maker, has launched #StealOurStaff, a campaign calling on UK businesses to headhunt its employees – 80% of whom are visually impaired, disabled or disadvantaged.

The social enterprise brand said it wanted to “close the disability unemployment gap” by encouraging employers to “see workability, not disability” in every person.

Photos and details of BeCo staff will appear on packs in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, and on the BeCo website, to give shoppers and would-be employers “the chance to get to know the talented workforce behind the brand”.

The aim of #StealOurStaff – which kicked off today (3 September) – was for BeCo workers to “secure jobs outside of the organisation and free up opportunities for new staff in need of employment” said the brand.

Its founding charity, Clarity & Co, has supported the employment of people with disabilities for 165 years. One in five people in the UK are disabled, while an estimated 48% of working age are unemployed. “That’s over one million jobseekers looking for opportunities, and a disability unemployment gap of 30%,” said BeCo, which is based at Highams Park, north-east London.  

The brand wanted “to give people who want to work the opportunity to work. It’s as simple as that,” said Clarity & Co head of sustainable growth Camilla Marcus-Dew.

“Some of our staff at BeCo have been at the organisation for more than 30 years – and, as much as we love our team and their loyalty, we want to help them and others to have further opportunities.”

The #StealOurStaff push comes after BeCo secured a listing in June with Boots, rolling its three-strong range of foaming handwash into 500 stores.

In May, the brand unveiled its eco-friendly Argan Oil Shampoo Bar, which is packed in sustainably sourced cardboard and bears the ‘Plastic Free’ kitemark from environmental campaign organisation A Plastic Planet.