Despite controversy over its May Game of Thrones pastiche, SodaStream is maintaining a GoT link with this ad, hiring the show’s Kristian Nairn alongside Big Bang Theory star (and neuroscientist) Mayim Bialik.

It’s 2136, and Bialik is an anthropologist telling kids about the wasteful ‘homoschlepians’ - primitives who only drink water from plastic bottles. She relates her first-hand study, during which she forms a cute mutual crush with Nairn’s alpha male.

When a kid (rightly) questions her plot hole-ridden story, though, it all goes post-modern. Bialik agrees with him (“exactly - it makes no sense”) and they seemingly drop character for a straightforward ‘plastic bottles are bad’ payoff. So are we being asked to distrust the ‘fictional’ story? Or its (exact same) message? Presumably not. Then why tell it? Confusing.