Sudocrem Not Just for Babies

Source: Teva Pharmaceuticals

Antiseptic cream Sudocrem has kicked off its first global campaign, ‘Not just for babies, for everybody’.

Rolling out this week, the push sees the Teva Pharmaceuticals brand go beyond its longstanding focus on being exclusively a treatment for nappy rash. It includes messaging around its soothing properties and versatility in treating people of all ages for the likes of cuts, grazes, eczema and acne.

This message is brought to life in a 30-second TV slot, which features a baby boy as lead character, narrator and brand spokesman. “My family always looks after me,” he says “So, I look after them by lending them my Sudocrem.” The ad then shows the ways in which his family utilise the healing cream in their daily lives.

‘Not just for babies, for everybody’ not only aims to broaden the brand’s target market and user base, but also reflect changing demographic and societal patterns as birth rates fall in many territories.

It marks the first time Sudocrem has run a single push in all territories. It will run in more than 15 international markets, including the UK, where the ad will air on channels including ITV1, ITV2, Channel 4, Sky and Amazon Freevee.

Sudocrem had “firmly established itself as a versatile, essential, and cherished brand in households around the world”, said Nicholas Lang, Teva Pharmaceuticals director of global OTC marketing.

“While our messaging has historically focused on its soothing treatment of nappy rash, it’s about time we recognised the many different people who swear by our product,” he added. “And for those who don’t, there’s still no one better qualified to espouse its virtues than a baby.”