Taylors of Harrogate’s ad for its coffee bags a couple of years ago ranks as one of the category’s wittiest. It’s resumed on funny form with a new spot for its ground range.

Simplicity’s the theme. The ad opens with a woman pondering “the coffee for lattes that’s just called ‘latte’”, going on to rush us through her day were everything so simple. She marries the postman, and a house, riches, a kid and a promotion are all gained in short order. It’s all cleverly done, but the ad’s crowning glory is its surreal kicker, when our heroine decides “I want to be a stingray”. Who doesn’t?

It’s funny all in one go, and responds well to being chopped up into shorter ads, too. Crucially, that simplicity message is vital in what can be a confusing aisle.