tesco 100th anniversary ad

The ads star a roller disco dancer and the strapline ‘Prices that take you back’

Tesco has launched a new advertising campaign to promote its 100th anniversary.

The new ads feature a 70s-style roller disco dancer with a trolley, to promote some of the latest price cuts in store, with the strapline ‘Prices that take you back’.

It also has a logo declaring ‘Tesco 100 years celebrating great value’.

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The supermarket is understood to be lining up a series of major activities this year to mark the centenary since founder Jack Cohen launched the business in 1919.

The campaign also comes in a crucial week for supermarkets in which Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer are set to announce their quarterly results.

Many analysts expect Aldi and Lidl to continue ramping up the pressure on retailers like Tesco to continue investment in price cuts.

Last year saw the launch of Tesco’s discounter spin-off Jack’s, named after its founder, with some predicting this year could see a much wider rollout of the concept across the UK.