“Family eh? Can’t live with ‘em, can’t do without them.” It’s an uninspiring cliché with which to begin an ad, though Thatchers upends it with the next line: “Well, maybe sometimes.” Eh?

A slightly confusing montage of familial ups and downs provides a welcome distraction. We get a couple holding hands as she gives birth, a fusty uncle who objects to cider featuring in a family photo, a band rocking out in a garage and, erm, a tattoo artist, doing a tattoo.

The monologue broadens the definition, suggesting ‘family’ covers “whether you share a name or a passion”. There’s a very cute mum-son hug, and some Coldplay-esque ‘rock’ to stir the emotions.

Head honcho Martin Thatcher even shows up with some of his clan, underlining the brand’s down-home cred. Stirring stuff.