booze aisle

Booze watchdog the Portman Group has kicked off the fifth major review of its code.

The group has launched a public consultation set to run for 10 weeks, on key issues such as giving the Independent Alcohol Complaints Panel further powers to rule against claims alcohol consumption could “improve” health, coming up with a new definition for “immoderate” consumption and amending the code “to protect those that are socially or mentally vulnerable”.

It will also cover “strengthening the code to prohibit direct or indirect links with alcohol and illegal activity” and introducing a new rule and guidance on “addressing serious and widespread offence, such as sexism in marketing”.

The move was “a great opportunity to shape the future of alcohol regulation”, said Portman Group CEO John Timothy. “We have one of the strongest and most effective systems of self-regulation in the UK and we want to keep it that way.

”By asking challenging and ambitious questions now we can ensure the code provides the right balance between maintaining the highest standards of responsible marketing and allowing producers the freedom to create great brands and campaigns, which are so important to the UK’s economy.”

The consultation document is available to download from the group’s website.