With its well-documented supply issues, it’s not surprising to learn that Walkers’ Christmas ad isn’t designed as a unit-shifter.

Instead it’s teamed up with Comic Relief, to create one of those (now familiar, but nonetheless important) ads that emphasise the importance of talking and sharing problems.

And it’s done a nice job – introducing us to a partygoer Larry, who, as the giant emoji floating over his shoulder tells us, is a bit nervous. We see how he reacts (and how he really feels) as he’s assailed by excited aunties, searching questions and a discussion about underlay. Finally, he meets a friendly face, with our emoji relaxing – until someone tries to pinch a crisp, of course.

Christmas party season can be particularly tough on mental health, and most brands like to focus on festive fun, so this ad is welcome – as is the £2m promised to mental wellbeing programmes at its end.