Walkers cutely addresses its recent supply problems in its new ad, which is soundtracked by Madness hit ‘It Must Be Love’ (“I never thought I’d miss you/Half as much as I do”).

Perhaps inspired by the likes of Weetabix and Cadbury Creme Eggs, it attempts to showcase the different ways people enjoy its crisps. The problem, of course, is that for most of us, this is achieved by ‘putting them in our mouths’. Only perverts would lick them or pour sauce into the bag, Walkers. That said, it does manage to pay tribute to the perils of the pub tear-and-share, and the final ‘pouring’ of crumbs.

The ‘in-bag’ camera idea does a nice job of capturing the munchers’ crisp love – and it nicely showcases the range, too.

We’re left curious about how Gary Lineker eats his, though.