Walkers has to be careful with advertising its new Max Strong crisps, which are designed to be matched with beer. If it’s laser-focused on its USP it risks alienating non-boozers who might pick up a pack. But if it goes too broad… well, what’s the point of the launch?

It opts for the former, but wisely plays up the myriad ways beer can come into our lives. We see a man walking through town munching the crisps, which magnetically attract beer: cans (of Foster’s - a cross-promotion?), and bottles from a shop, a home-drinker’s pint, delivery barrels, fridges and even a truck all hover in his direction.

Fortunately he makes it to the pub unscathed, where a fresh pint poured by barkeep Gary Lineker comes, safely, to greet him. Phew!