Weetabix has created something rather impressive with its new Melts cereal brand – a chocolatey, indulgent cereal that’s also non-HFSS.

Not that you’d know it from the ad. It shows a family having breakfast. As her son stretches across the table, mum sardonically asks: “Shall I pass you the Weetabix, love?”. Meanwhile, his sister eats a spoonful, and we are transported into an animated version of her mouth, where some cartoon tastebuds joyfully greet the Melts’ arrival, by shouting ‘chocolate!’ a lot.

Cut to dad, grumpily reading the paper… and the same thing happens, except the tastebuds in his gob are wearing glasses, like he does. Cute.

So, ‘chocolate’ is the main message, effectively delivered. The likes of sarky mum will surely be pleased to find out about the relatively low levels of FSS by reading the back of the pack.