Now January is over, Weetabix is resting its ‘Any-Which-Way-a-Bix’ ads, which focus on versatility, and has introduced one that plays on the brand’s other perceived strength: strength.

The ad begins in the bowels of a submarine, where a concerned captain and his crew are soon at red alert as they begin a bends-inducing ascent beyond their control. What’s happening?

Before they know it, they’ve surfaced, and a glance through the binoculars reveals that a little girl has hooked and landed the sub, to the bemusement of her mum. She has, of course – as a crusty fisherman notes – “ad err Weetabix” (on the beach! Maybe this ad is about versatility, after all).

It’s a fun punchline, shifting the tone from serious to silly in an instant. That the ad is halfway done by the time we know what the product is displays a certain confidence, too.