Young’s Seafood faces a totemic rival when it comes to advertising: Captain Birdseye. The cheerful seafarer is as famous as they come. And since 2018 he’s even been kinda handsome, too!

Discarding its Rupert Everett-voiced posh cat, Young’s is starting the 2020s with a more aggressive new tack. ‘Masters of Fish’ sees shoppers perched atop a seaside rock, clutching tridents like Aquaman (or, yes, Poseidon or Neptune).

A bold voiceover describes the shoppers’ legendary status, detailing the impressive Young’s fish-containing meals they create – a scampified salad and a gym bunny protein boost among them. One SKU apparently helps sales assistant Sarah “seal the deal every date night” – quite a claim.

It’s good fun, anyway – as refreshing as the sea spray that splashes over the ad’s mealtime masters.