An expensive ‘short film’ is a neat way for brands to look classy, while the big names they pay for can - but, crucially, don’t always - create engaging work.

Campari’s latest effort, ’The Legend of Red Hand, stars Zoe Saldana. She plays photographer Mia, who, at a swanky Milanese cocktail party, is looking to snap some sneaky pics of a secretive bartending genius called Red Hand, who is identifiable only by some pervy-looking red rubber gloves. (Disappointingly, he or she is nothing to do with the murderous Nick Cave song, nor the crime-fighting Red Hand Gang from 1970s TV.)

After a delicious Negroni and a close call with security, a friendly waiter helps Mia escape via a secret tunnel. Some saucy goings-on at a hotel eventually lead her to New York (via Luton Airport, one assumes) where the mystery unravels.

It’s totally preposterous, of course. But so it should be! It’s gorgeously made and the red theme firmly puts Campari in viewers’ heads - and hands.