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The team behind last year’s M&S’s chart-topping Christmas song is hoping to take the number one spot in 2022

Marks & Spencer has released the sequel song to last year’s Christmas hit, which took the charts by storm and snagged number two on iTunes.

The retailer is hoping to take the top spot in this year’s charts with the release of the R&B-esque ‘This is Not Just Another Christmas Song’, featuring East 17’s Terry Coldwell.

The song is performed by staff of the Romford store. “Team Romford” is known as a social media sensation, often racking up millions of views for their videos of the day-to-day antics at the branch.

All proceeds from the new Christmas tune will go towards local charity S.M.I.L.E London & Essex, which supports low-income families.

“S.M.I.L.E London & Essex are no strangers to the generosity of M&S,” said the charity’s CEO Maria Quaife.

“We’ve received amazing financial support from them this yeart via the M&S Christmas campaign with Neighbourly.

”We were overwhelmed be extending this partnership by working alongside them with the release on the Christmas sequel ‘This is Not Just Another Christmas Song’.

M&S’s Christmas campaign in partnership with food redistribution network Neighbourly, ‘Gifts that Give’, is aiming to raise £1m for 1,000 local community groups to help meet rising demand amid the cost of living crisis.