Masterfoods is adding a countline format to its Galaxy chocolate sub-brand Promises in the autumn, despite initially positioning the range in the block chocolate category.

Launched in August last year, Promises was targeted at a gap between luxury and everyday block chocolate. It was backed by a £4m marketing launchpad, including TV advertising.

The four 100g flavours, which combined Galaxy milk chocolate with dark chocolate, had an rsp of 99p each, to reflect their premium positioning. Since then the brand has clocked up sales of £10.6m, according to ACNielsen.

Andrea Taylor, trade relations manager, said the success of the Galaxy brand as a whole in the impulse sector had prompted the Promises extension, adding that the launch was "in line with the growing consumer trend for more indulgent products out of the home".

However, despite the range's sales, Promises has not managed to melt everyone's hearts. A buyer for one major group said: "I was sceptical from the beginning. Galaxy Promises was never going to be a winner as it is simply not a good product.

"It has not done well with us and adding a 40g count line is not going to change that. I would be surprised if it lasts much longer."

n Retailers may be missing a trick when it comes to catering for convenience shoppers, according to Masterfoods. The company's 2006 Confectionery Market Report said multiples would benefit from putting more focus on two types of convenience shoppers - busy workers and quick fixers - both of whom visit stores at lunchtime.

"While large supermarket formats may not lend themselves to convenience shoppers, they can respond to customers by creating an area near the entrance to display products associated with lunchtime snacking," said the report.