It remains unclear what steps Morrisons is taking post-Safeway takeover to consolidate its meat supply channels.
The vertically integrated multiple runs a generally pro-British buying policy, though something like 5% of its beef supply comes from Australia on a year-round basis.
This has left analysts speculating it is pursing plans to purchase existing abattoir capacity - rather than build new plants itself.
Morrisons had “nothing to say” on the matter this week.
When the Safeway deal was first announced there were
rumours that Morrisons was interested in St Merryn Meats. However, it was bought by Grampian Country Food Group last November.
This leaves few contenders of notable size in the frame for acquisition. Some experts believe Morrisons may well look to develop its existing links with suppliers such as Woodhead Bros and Dawn Meats, which had a long-standing relationship with Safeway.