Source: Finnebrogue

The brand has launched two new sausage recipes to support gut health, its first ever nitrate-free frankfurter and a thick-cut bacon steak

Finnebrogue has expanded its Naked range with four new products launched in October.

The brand has rolled out two new sausage recipes to support gut health – including a first-ever chicken sausage, its first-ever nitrite-free frankfurter and a thick-cut bacon steak.

Finnebrogue’s new Chicken, Garlic & Herb Chipolatas are made with British chicken and do not contain any artificial additives. They are also high in protein and fibre, and are gluten-free.

It has also revamped its Naked Good Little Pork Chipolatas, which now carries the same branding and contains 5.1g chicory inulin per serving, as does the chicken variant, making them gut-friendly. Inulin acts as a prebiotic, which reduces inflammation, fights harmful bacteria and improves mineral absorption.

The chicken chipolatas are available in Morrisons and the rebranded chipolatas are in Waitrose and Ocado.

Its new nitrite-free frankfurter, meanwhile, is on sale in Morrisons, is high in protein and has been designed to replicate the traditional equivalent.

“So many of us love a frankfurter but choose to avoid them because of the presence of nitrites,” said Declan Ferguson, research, development & technical director. “Now sausage lovers up and down the UK can enjoy a delicious German-style banger without these dangerous chemicals.”

The supplier has also extended its nitrate-free bacon range with the launch of Naked Sugar-Pit Bacon Steaks into Waitrose and Ocado.

The new thick-cut bacon includes sea salt and is hand rubbed with brown sugar, and then allowed to rest for five days.