Finnebrogue advert

Source: Finnebrogue

The advertising will be displayed at major train stations and outside retailers as well as in print and online

Northern Ireland-based sausage and bacon supplier Finnebrogue has launched a £1m advertising campaign for its nitrite-free Naked range of bacon and ham.

The marketing push will focus on the lack of nitrites in the product and will carry the tagline ‘One day, all bacon will be made this way’.

It will be displayed on billboards at major UK train stations, adverts outside retailers and will also take in print and digital activity.

“As awareness of the risks posed by nitrites has grown and more and more consumers have moved to eating our nitrite-free alternatives, the question has switched to, why did anyone add nitrites in the first place?” said Finnebrogue’s chairman, Denis Lynn.

“We don’t think toxins should be added to food – and the public clearly agrees.”

Since launching in January 2018, Finnebrogue claims Naked Bacon has become the largest bacon brand in the UK, with the company’s own figures showing annualised sales of £23m a year based on recent performance.

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