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Source: Golden Acre Foods

The Golden Acre Foods brand has launched Najma Pizza Topping Selection and marinated cooked halal sausages in mid-June

World foods brand Najma has expanded its range with new halal products and secured wider distribution in the major UK supermarkets.

The Golden Acre Foods-owned brand is rolling out a Najma Pizza Topping Selection and marinated cooked halal sausages from mid-June.

The pizza topping selection (rsp: £1.25/80g) is made to a German-style recipe which comes in a family pack large enough to top two large pizzas and contains two halal meat variants: turkey salami and turkey pepperoni.

New marinated cooked halal sausages, meanwhile, are made with 100% halal chicken, are gluten-free and ready to eat. The four-pack sausages come in a choice of two flavours: Curry and Spicy (rsp: £2.50/250g).

Both products have launched into Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, while the marinated cooked halal sausages have also launched into Asda.

“As category champions, it is important for us to bring innovation into halal and enter into new categories in order to meet the needs of changing UK halal consumers,” said Karama Khudairi, senior brand manager at Golden Acre Foods.

The existing Najma product range will also benefit from improved shelf-ready packaging to provide clearer navigation for shoppers as well as increased distribution in the top four supermarkets from June 2023, with Morrisons listing four additional SKUs, Asda three SKUs and Sainsbury’s two SKUs.

“Second-generation halal consumers have different requirements to first-generation Muslims who were and are more focused on recognisable traditional halal foods,” added Khudairi. “Our Najma brand is designed to satisfy both, and we are working hard to support retailers by offering our expertise, consumer insight and ranges of products to meet those needs.”

It follows the launch of a new on-the-go halal brand called Jaldee Eats by Golden Acre Foods this week.

The range comprises four microwavable meals: Thai-Inspired Yellow Chicken Curry; Thai Green-Style Chicken Curry; Mexican-Style Chicken with Vegetables & Quinoa; and Moroccan-Style Chicken Soup (rsp: £3.50) as well as Turkey Deli Sticks (rsp: £2.25 for four) for snacking.