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Source: Yorkshire Sausage Co 

The new brand’s pork sausages differ from Heck’s premium lineup due to their lower price and lower meat content

Heck has responded to the growing cost of living crisis with a new, standalone value tier brand called the Yorkshire Sausage Co.

The brainchild of Leeds-based single mum Elisia Proctor – a member of the Keeble family that owns the Heck business – the new brand’s pork sausages differ from Heck’s premium lineup due to their lower meat content (42%). This pitches them against more value-orientated products in own label and market-leading brand Richmond.

The sausages go on sale in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons in September, and will retail at the £2 mark for a 410g pack. By comparison, a 400g pack of Heck 97% pork sausages normally retails at £3.

The sausages are gluten, dairy and soy-free, made using British pork and will be sold in a fully recyclable topseal tray made from card, rather than the plastic flow-wrap used by many value tier sausages, said Heck’s co-founder Andrew Keeble.

Citing the opportunities for the brand in the value tier, Keeble stressed the new brand was “not a Richmond copy” – a move made by several retailers.

However, he admitted Richmond was a “brand we respect” that operated in a “huge” market – an area the YSC brand would be targeting.

He said the packaging would give the brand “real shelf standout”. And despite having a lower meat content than standard Heck sausages, he insisted the NPD was “a great mainstream product, this is not a cheapo sausage”.

Heck has devoted a manufacturing line to the new brand and Keeble has set out hopes for it to be a £10m brand by its second year in operation.

Mum-of-two Proctor will front a PR, digital and tasting campaign for the new brand, which was also in discussion with other retailers over a wider distribution.

“I brought the idea to Andrew and Debbie (Keeble’s wife) as my children and many people don’t really like a meaty premium sausage, they prefer a smoother, yet still flavoursome sausage,” she said.

“Inflation is absolutely soaring, every parent is struggling, so this is a something shoppers can buy that has quality [but] without spending a fortune,” she added.