Ethical Butcher

Environmentally conscious meat brand The Ethical Butcher is to launch a wholesale business supplying the hospitality sector.

The company, which only works with suppliers who they say are actively improving the environment through regenerative farming practices, will launch the wholesale arm of the business on 7 March.

Early partners with the brand include Native, Silo, and The Warehouse at The Conduit.

Partners will be able to seek training from the company on regenerative agriculture, as well as exercising the option for zero waste delivery on products.

“We source whole carcase beef, lamb, pork, poultry and venison from the most ethical, regenerative food producers we can find and give them access to market through our online retail operation and now our B2B wholesale offering,” said head of business development Tom Cripps. 

Regenerative farming practices can be effective in restoring nutrition to soil, keeping carbon locked into the ground and resulting in carbon negative production.

By working exclusively with farmers who use regenerative practices, The Ethical Butcher is seeking to make meat production, which accounts for around 60% of the food industry’s greenhouse gas emissions, more environmentally friendly.

“We’re aiming to change the food system for the better by creating a new supply chain for small-scale regenerative farmers around the UK,” said Cripps.

The business supplies 100% pasture-fed (PFLA certified) beef and lamb, as well as free-range outdoor-reared pork and chicken.

Additionally, the company only buys meat raised on a soy-free diet, due to the propensity of soy production to drive deforestation in South America.