Aldi has lodged a complaint against Morrisons’ Match & More price matching scheme with the ASA, The Grocer has learned.

An ASA spokeswoman confirmed the discounter had complained about the “terms and conditions of the scheme”, which Morrisons launched in October.

Morrisons and Aldi declined to comment on the complaint. However, another retail CEO said he was “confused” by the scheme. “It’s too complicated and lacks transparency,” he said. “I’ve had the terms and conditions read to me. I tried to follow it. I gave up.”

The ASA confirmed there had also been 13 other complaints about Match & More, all from members of the public. She said all 13 complained that it was “misleading about having to spend a minimum of £15” to participate.

She added the ASA didn’t yet have a timeframe for when it would commence its investigation due to the “complexity of the investigation” and that it may also be “informally resolved without the need to publish a formal ruling.”

As well as matching Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s, Match & More is the only scheme with a price-matching tool to include the discounters, which saw it praised as a bold and ambitious move. However, others have suggested there is a lack of clarity and transparency over how Morrisons plans to achieve it.

Match & More gives shoppers 10 points for every 1p their shopping would have been cheaper by at the cheapest rival shop, based on the total comparable items in their basket. When a shopper hits 5,000 points they get £5 off their next Morrisons shop.