Morrisons has announced a revamp of its food-to-go offering, rolling out 90 new and improved lines while introducing a new £2 meal deal.

The new range hits stores on 24 September, including 15 sandwich lines that are freshly made in store, seven own-label sushi lines, six new cake bars and a 250ml own-label orange juice.

Meanwhile, the £2 meal deal allows shoppers to combine a £1.40 sandwich – such as cheese & pickle or ham & mustard – with a packet of Walkers crisps and either a 375ml bottle of Coke, Diet Coke or Oasis or a 750ml bottle of Abbey Wells water.

Morrisons said prices for its revamped sandwiches would start at £1 for the simple variants such as “just ham” and would not exceed £2.50.

“They will also be the same price in all stores across the country,” a spokesman said, adding “clear shelf-edge signage and packaging will guide customers to different categories, such as green for vegetarian options and blue for fish”.

Sandwich buyer Ken Clow added: “We want to offer our customers the best value food-to-go range on the market and believe this re-launch, with fantastic new products across the entire range, will achieve that.”

Food-to-go is the latest own-label category to be revamped by Morrisons. The retailer has already revamped its pre-pack cheese fixture, ambient convenience meals, crisps and snacks, among others.

Last week, Morrisons announced The Best – the premium own-label range it inherited through its takeover of Safeway – would be phased out and replaced with the new M Signature tag.