The Best, the own-label range Morrisons inherited through its takeover of Safeway, will be phased out over the next four months and replaced by a new premium range known as ‘M Signature’.

Morrisons said all lines had been reviewed and improved by its executive chef Neil Nugent and product developers, who have also added a raft of new products to the 700-strong range.

The products will feature a gold Wm Morrison signature, while the new designs, created by Coley Porter Bell, mark a shift away from the traditional dark green of The Best to be replaced by a jewelled colour palette of greens, pinks and purples for ambient products and more rustic colours on fresh lines. New lines include raspberry roulade, superberry granola and Thai lychee honey.

“Our founder’s signature, the ornate decoration and the modern colour palette celebrate Morrisons’ passion for food as well as its commitment to quality and affordability,” said own brand director Belinda Youngs.

“It completes our own-brand quality tiers.”