Hundreds of salivating biscuit enthusiasts have applied to be “new chief biscuit tester” at Fox’s Biscuits after an ad for the position appeared on the Gumtree website two weeks ago.

According to the ad, necessary requirements for the job include the ability to eat a pack of Viennese in 2.5 seconds flat, experience in “chocolatey, chocolatey chocolate,” and the willingness to be paid in biscuits.

But the solely edible salary was not enough to put off over 250 applicants who made it very clear they would consume the company’s biscuits by the bucket load if given the chance.

“We are delighted that so many biscuit fans everywhere have thrown their hat into the ring particularly as the salary is only in biscuits,” said a spokesperson for Fox’s.

“The fact that they have taken the time to tell us how and why the can add value to our mission of delivering generosity and deliciousness to Fox’s biscuits has completely bowled us over – we at Fox’s know that biscuits are a great British institution and the witty responses we have had has just re-affirmed that Brits are great too.”

Fox’s will review all applications before making an appointment next Monday (29 September) and says it might appoint a sub-committee to help the biscuit tester in his or her endeavour.