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Patrick McGuirk

Yodel’s director of commercial development Patrick McGuirk has left the delivery giant to become commercial director for PostTag, a new technology company which claims it can “fix” the last mile problem for e-commerce and delivery companies

Prior to his time at Yodel, McGuirk spent a decade in leadership roles at Coke bottler Coca-Cola Enterprises, where he served as director of commercial development.

PostTag claims to offer the accuracy required by logistics and last mile industry to using front door accurate navigation data to improve delivery performance.

The technology, which PostTag says is easily integrated into customers’ existing platforms, uses seven different data sources to triangulate the information into a unique API.

It said it was currently in “advanced pilots” with a number of the UK’s largest delivery companies and retailers.

As head of its commercial operations, McGuirk would “use his experience and market insight to help identify new partnerships and customers”, the company said.

“I am really excited by the PostTag solution and see how it will directly address issues faced by every delivery business in the UK,” said McGuirk.

“I saw first hand at Yodel the inefficiency caused for drivers and couriers struggling to find a precise delivery location - I am struck by the transformational benefits of PostTag. It is energising to be at the cutting edge of a growth business with a genuinely game-changing piece of technology which can deliver savings of more than 21% for last mile businesses.”

Paul Yewman, CEO of PostTag, said: “We’re delighted to have Patrick on the team with us at this key moment in PostTag’s evolution. He was someone we pitched the solution to in his role at Yodel and he immediately saw our technology as a solution to a set of problems that have remained unsolved across what we call the ‘last mile economy’. His market insight and experience will be a powerful weapon for us as we look to break through this year.”