Mary Carmichael Müller has withdrawn its organic yogurt range one year after launch. The yogurt giant, which dominates the UK mainstream market, blamed "quality and consistency issues" for its retreat from the organics sector. However, industry insiders have suggested that disappointing sales may be behind the decision. Sales of the range reached only £2.1m across multiple retailers, according to Information Resources ­ less than 5% of the £45m organic yogurt market. A spokeswoman for one of the top four multiples said sales had been poor. "The range is not working and our consumers don't want it," she said. "It seems they just don't associate the Müller name with organic credentials." The company insisted the range had been "highly successful" but said it had been unable to maintain quality and consistency "at a level compatible with Müller's standards." "We may resume supply but only when all these issues have been resolved," said a spokesman. The three-strong range was launched in June last year and was backed by marketing aimed at health-conscious 30 to 55-year-old women. At the time, the company said it wanted to build a strong presence in the organics market, by combining "the naturalness one would expect from an organic range with big brand quality reassurance". Another Müller foray outside its familiar area of expertise, a Fruit Corner-style ice cream range, also ended in failure soon after its 1998 launch. {{P&P }}