Moth-91-1 (1)

Name: Rob Wallis

Job title: Founder

Company: Moth

What was your first job? A singing teacher.

What’s been your worst job interview? I interviewed with an entrepreneur for his digital marketing agency.

At the end of the interview he said I clearly didn’t have enough experience in digital marketing, but we got on so well he offered me a job at a totally different company in sales.

What was the first music single you bought? If memory serves me right, it was Best: The Greatest Hits of S Club 7. No regrets.

How do you describe your job to your friends? I sell tinnies and am professionally annoying (persistent).

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Building an amazing team who are all smarter than me, and pitching – if all I did all day was pitch I’d be a happy bunny.

What is the least rewarding part? It used to be having to hand-label each drink when we first started but happily those days are behind us!

Now I would say some of the admin jobs that come with the job, as I would spend all my time out with customers and the team if I could.


What is your motto in life? How hard can it be? What could go right?

If you were allowed one dream perk, what would it be? Access to great coffee and an office filled with dogs! Which we already have, so what more do you need?

Do you have any phobias? None that I know of!

If you could change one thing in grocery, what would it be? More help for young founders from diverse backgrounds, it’s such an intimidating space for anyone, I think more can be done here.

What luxury would you have on a desert island? A drinks cabinet!

What animal most reflects your personality? Labrador puppy.

What’s your favourite film and why? The Grand Budapest Hotel, I love the hospitality industry and it just exemplifies what’s so great about it. 

What has been the most embarrassing moment in your life? Being awarded the year eight poetry prize at school in front of a full assembly after not having entered anything!

Which celebrity would you most like to work with and why? Other than the lovely Jamie Laing who we already do, I love food and drink so I think it’s got to be a chef. Maybe Momofuku’s David Chang.

What would your death row meal be? Dry gin martini. Two olives.

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