The Little Dish account manager on taste-testing babyfood, commuting and meeting Tony Blair

What was your first-ever job? At a tea-room in the Lake District, baking puddings and cakes.

What was your worst job interview? I was asked “how many glasses of wine are drunk on a Friday night in London?” I replied with an account of how many glasses of wine I drank in London on a Friday night!

What was the first music single you bought? Michael Jackson - Earth Song. I made my family listen to it on repeat.

How do you describe your job to your mates? I work for a small, fun company that sells fresh, natural and healthy food for kids. My role is to ensure that our meals are available to parents and kids all over the UK.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? It is exciting to be actively involved in growing a brand and building a relatively new category.

What is the least rewarding part? Once we had a mammoth tasting day where the team had to taste test 138 babyfood products. It took over a week for us all to recover.

What is your motto in life? Happiness depends upon ourselves.

What’s your nickname? I get called various names - Lil Sophs or Tommo.

If you were allowed one dream perk what would it be? I would have a car to pick me up and take me home equipped with refreshments.

What has been the most embarrassing moment in your life? On holiday in Italy, I mistook Tony Blair for Ronnie O’Sullivan and asked him for a photo for my dad.

Do you have any phobias? Being in the same room as porcelain dolls. Wherever you are they stare right back at you.

If you could pick a celebrity to join your staff who would it be and why? I’d like a combination of Peter Kay for his humour and Bradley Cooper for his looks.

If you could change one thing in grocery what would it be? I’d like retailers to offer more choice and variety for consumers. To support smaller brands, they should consider more creative ways to drive incremental value on gondola ends.

What luxury would you have on your desert island? A luxury yacht.

What animal best reflects your personality and why? A gazelle - I’m quite bubbly and I like to be on the go I love wildlife and hot climates so would be at home in the savannah.