Nestlé Rowntree hopes to boost sales in cash and carries by improving the visibility of its brands though the use of digital screen media.
The confectionery company is the first to test LCD screens to communicate promotions and new product information in the C&C channel. It has invested a “significant” sum in a pilot with three depots within the Landmark buying group: Parfetts in Sheffield and Stockport and Hyperama in Nottingham.
Research from Harris International Marketing shows visibility of confectionery promotions in C&Cs is poor.
Only 30% of retailers actually saw such promotions, while the
promotions themselves only appealed to 60% of retailers, said Graham Walker, communications manager at Nestlé Rowntree: “This is a big issue for us. There is nothing wrong with the promotions, it is just that retailers are not seeing or understanding them. We are restricted by how much we can communicate on outers while the problem with the traditional route of point of sale is that it is not always sited.”
He added: “These screens are part of the fixture - we know they are going to be there and know our messages will be in front of the retailer.”
The network, being managed by IQ Group, comprises either a 32in or 37in screen located on a gondola end at the entrance of the confectionery aisle and smaller 19in screens positioned next to Nestlé product in aisles.
The area around the screens would be branded Nestlé Hot Deals while the screens would show “short, sharp in your face messages”, said Walker.
The supplier will shortly link the screens remotely so that it can run specific messages in the different depots. A fourth pilot will start at East End Foods in West Bromwich this month.
Siân Harrington