19 Crimes

Treasury Wine Estates has boosted its fledgling wine brand 19 Crimes with two new variants.

Chard is a 13.5% abv chardonnay, the brand’s first white wine, while The Uprising is a 14.5% blend of shiraz, cabernet and grenache grapes, aged for 30 days in oak rum barrels. Both wines have rolled into Asda and Ocado (rsp: £8.99-£9.99).

Following 19 Crimes’ tradition of theming its drinks on ‘rogues’ exiled to Australia, Chard features Jane Castings, who trained teenage boys to steal for her. The Uprising marks the Rum Rebellion of 1808, the only successful armed takeover of Australia’s government.

There was “a growing taste among millennial drinkers for barrel-aged drinks” said TWE.