Acti natural energy drinks

Source: Actiph Water

Two flavours – Blood Orange and Strawberry & Dragon Fruit – have rolled into Tesco (rsp: £5/4x250ml)

Alkaline ionised bottled water supplier Actiph is entering natural energy drinks.

Called Acti+, the innovation is billed as a “nootropic clean energy drink, delivering improved focus and performance to consumers, with none of the nasties”.

Each 250ml can contains 100% of the RDA of vitamins B5, B6, B9, B12, C and zinc.

Weighing in at three calories each, the drinks contain natural caffeine, L-Carnitine and natural sweeteners and flavours.

They are billed as the “perfect alternative to sugary, artificial energy drinks”.

Two flavours – Blood Orange and Strawberry & Dragon Fruit – have rolled into Tesco in a multipack format (rsp: £5/4x250ml).

They will roll into Amazon and Actiph’s webstores in December.

Actiph Water CEO Nicholas Ross said the business was “constantly striving to meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly moving away from sugar-laden, artificial drinks, and are instead seeking healthier, functional alternatives”.

“Our ethos of enabling people to lead healthier lives through our range of functional beverages has naturally led us to the energy category, where most options available to consumers are not conducive to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

“We wanted to offer a clean, natural alternative for those who regularly reach for energy drinks, whilst also providing a more accessible route into energy products for consumers who have historically avoided them due to their unhealthy nature and negative connotations,” said Ross.

It comes after Actiph added a trio of vitamin-infused sparkling water drinks to its lineup in August 2021.