Source: Holy Moly

The drinks are made with raw, unpasteurised almonds and fresh fruit

Avocado dip pioneer Holy Moly is making a surprise move into RTD drinks with a trio of plant-based ‘Nutshakes’.

It has created a trio of flavours – Strawberry Almond, Chocolate Almond and Banana Almond – which are made with raw, unpasteurised almonds and fresh fruit.

“We’ve started looking at a slightly grander mission,” said the brand’s co-founder Tom Walker.

“What we’ve done is taken natural, fresh, amazing ingredients and created a product which is delicious and indulgent but doesn’t have the fat you might get in milkshakes, or the sugar from smoothies.”

In place of artificial sweeteners, dates are used to boost their sweetness, while the brand’s use of high pressure processing (HPP) technology meant they had “a longer shelf life and hardly any wastage”.

The drinks were developed in collaboration with a Portuguese farming co-op, which sources and processes the almonds and fruit for the brand.

Holy Moly’s Nutshakes have rolled into Sainsbury’s in 250ml and 750ml bottles (rsp: £2-£3.80).