Bart Ingredients refill cartons

Source: Bart Ingredients

The refill cartons rolled into 422 of the retailer’s stores this week

Bart Ingredients has launched a 19-strong range of herb and spice refill cartons into Morrisons.

The cardboard packs – comprising the likes of Black Peppercorns, Pink Himalayan Salt, Bay Leaves and Smoked Paprika – rolled into 422 of the retailer’s stores this week (rsp: £1.50/3g-90g).

As they were “92% lighter” than traditional glass jars, they would help reduce the emissions associated with transporting the ingredients by more than three times, Bart Ingredients claimed.

By buying the new refill cartons, consumers would “cut carbon emissions by 17 times when compared to buying a glass jar each time”, it added.

According to Bart Ingredients marketing director Alison Wilde, the refill format was “perfect for eco-conscious consumers and the 18% of cooks who use their own herbs and spices storage jars”.

“This new offering helps our consumers reduce their carbon footprint and plays a big part in helping our business achieve its sustainability ambitions too.”

The brand plans to create a suite of recipes to encourage Morrisons shoppers to use herbs and spices in their cooking.

“We’re anticipating an increase in scratch cooking as many people consider eating out less and making nutritious meals at home,” said Wilde. 

“Herbs and spices are relatively cheap when you consider how many servings you get, and they are a perfect way of elevating meals to create something truly delicious.”