Source: Biff’s Plant Shack

The ‘Jackfruit 2.0’ Burger Cutlets and Wings have launched into frozen aisles in Sainsbury’s today 

Biff’s Plant Shack has launched new jackfruit wings and cutlets into Sainsbury’s.

The ‘Jackfruit 2.0’ Burger Cutlets and Wings have launched into frozen aisles in Sainsbury’s today with prices a third cheaper than the brand’s original wings product.

The new formulation promises a “cleaner” recipe deck, improved sustainability, and better value, the brand said. 

The new plant-based products are made with over 50% whole plant ingredients with less processing, salt and additives than average chicken alternatives, according to Biff’s.

The chicken-style cutlets (rsp: £3.50/200g) have a panko crumb, while the wings (rsp: £3.50/200g) are handmade with jackfruit on a sugarcane bone for authentic “hands on” eating.

Jackfruit posseses a chicken-like texture and its use (instead of other alt meat ingredients) means additives like methylcellulose, thickeners and artificial flavours are not required, Biff’s said. The range also includes no palm oil or GMO ingredients.

“We estimate that 85% of vegan products in the meat-free aisle are rooted in the same three core ingredients, and we want to change that,” said Biff Burrows, co-founder of Biff’s Plant Shack.

“I believe classic meat alts have their place in the market, but they don’t engage everyone and many products are just too similar, which is why we’re starting to see plant-based demand slow and customers crave the variety and vibrancy of fruit & veg.”

The original line was stocked in refrigerator aisles but the brand’s new lines have moved to frozen to “reduce our price on shelf without compromising on quality”.

The new reformulated products are also rolling out across foodservice, launching in Bidfood, Brakes and a range of regionals in July.