Big Drop Sour

Low-alcohol craft brewer Big Drop has launched its first sour beer.

Big Drop Sour (0.5% abv), has rolled out as a limited seasonal release into online retailers Eebria, Dam Tasty Beer and The Bottle Shop.

It was “a very delicate, light summer beer which is inspired by the Berliner Weisse style”, said the brand, without “the aggression of some sours on the market”.

Big Drop founder Rob Fink added: “Our master brewer, Johnny Clayton, continues to challenge the norm so we can offer a range of popular beer styles for those who are choosing to cut back on their alcohol consumption and the sour is an outstanding example of responding to current consumer trends.

“Just because someone may be cutting out or cutting back on alcohol doesn’t mean to say they have to cut back on variety and taste.”

It was “made in a totally different way to other sours that drinkers may be used to”, he added. “It’s not a kettle sour or wild bacteria ferment.”

The news comes as Big Drop has mounted a search for investors after winning a huge contract with a leading supermarket chain, which will require it to scale up production from some 10,000 litres to 40,000 litres per month.

The brand would look to raise upwards of £250,000 to build consumer awareness, said Fink. “We need to go out there and create demand not just in the trade. Because if you are paying attention to the alcohol-free drinks sector in the trade, you would have heard of us.

“Now we need to drive customers to buy our beer from supermarket shelves.”